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Welcome to the International Sufi Movement
Noorunissa Centre

Towards the One,
The Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty,
The Only Being, United with all the Illuminated Souls
Who form the Embodiment of the Master,
The Spirit of Guidance.

Universal Sufism: The Sufi Message is a Message of Unity, of Spiritual Liberty, and of Love, Harmony and Beauty, destined for all humanity. Its purpose is not to draw seekers to a new path, but to awaken them to the path which they are destined to tread.

Truth is One; it cannot be otherwise. Therefore the Sufi finds the light and love of the Divine Spirit of Guidance hidden in all names and forms.

In the words of Hazrat Inayat Khan, The effort of the Sufi Message is to give the opportunity to those serious seekers after truth that they may come in touch with the deeper side of life. No doubt truth is never taught, truth is discovered. It is not the wonderworking, it is not the life of phenomena that is the sign of the seeker. It is in the search for truth that God is found; it is in the finding of God that truth is realized. But where is God to be found? God is to be found in the heart of man. .

The Noorunnissa Centre has been established in honor of the Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan and in the loving memory of Noorunnissa Inayat-Khan, the highly decorated WWII Heroine who gave her life in pursuit of Liberté!


Hazrat Inayat Khan
Photos Courtesy of Picture Ressurection Project

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