Heart with Wings

The Inner Culture Activity

The Inner Life

The inner life which is represented by our Inner School, is one of the three activities of the Sufi Movement. Really speaking, this activity is the most important of all three. When speaking about the inner life, in the first place I wish to say that though this is the desire of every soul, each soul is not ready to attain to this desire, every soul does not feel the need of it. In order to feel the need of this there is something required in the life of a person, some great blow in life, a great suffering in life opens up the eyes, and that which was still becomes moving.

When the soul was still, there was its longing but it was not felt, but since the soul begins to move the longing is then felt. Whose soul is not longing for it, you may implore him, you may induce him a thousand times, he will not come, but the soul who is seeking for it, even if it was running from it, he will follow it even to the ends of the world. This is the last appetite that wakens in the innermost being of man, and this is the longing for spiritual realization. After this appetite is wakened there is no other appetite to waken, after this satisfaction is satisfied there is no other appetite to satisfy.

Excerpt from Gathekas, Hazrat Inayat Khan