Heart with Wings

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The Power of Love

There is so much said about what they call Karma, the action, but is there anything that can destroy Karma, that can wipe it away? There is only one thing, the power of love. It is that power alone that can wipe the stains of the past and can make the mirror clear. No scriptures call God a law, the scriptures call God love; which means law is under love, love rules the law. God apart, an ordinary person, limited human beings like us, when a child comes to his mother, with every fault that he may have done against her, and says, "Mother, I am sorry for my fault; you are my mother, I am sure that you will forgive me", she cannot judge him, love rules there, the mother instantly will forgive. When this love element is developed in the heart, when the heart has become a living entity, what happens? It links up with the highest Heaven, with God himself. What then happens? As everyone is linked with God, so everyone becomes linked with that person whose heart has become love.

The soul becomes communicative with all souls, with all he meets. That soul goes out to everyone, to the virtuous, to the sinner, the wise, the foolish, with open heart, with love. The presence with that soul, the contact with that soul is purifying for others also. It is the path which is so easy and yet so difficult to tread. No one can teach one how to love, only what one can do is to point out to a person that element of beauty which has the charm to create love.

Excerpt from Gathekas, Hazrat Inayat Khan