Heart with Wings
Murad Hassil

International Sufi Movement
Summer School, July 2014

Theme: Meet Life with a Smile

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The light which comes from the soul, rises through the heart, and manifests outwardly in man's smile,is indeed the light from heaven. Hazrat lnayat Khan, Aphorisms

Dear Friend on the Sufi Path,

With a smile of welcome, we cordially invite you to join us at the Summer School of the International Sufi Movement in the Universelle Murad Hassil, Katwijk aan Zee. Hazrat lnayat Khan said, "The manner of friendliness is considered as the main part in the study of Sufism..." and our theme this year will be to meet with a smile all those with whom we come in contact, whether known or unknown to us,whether distant or close.

The Summer School will emphasize personal work toward the friendly attitude and the freely offered smile.The program will include a wide range of activities,such as sacred readings,breathing practices, musical and element attunements, meditative exercises,the Element Ritual and the Singing Zikar.

Of course there is always the opportunity to meditate in the sacred stillness of the valley.On 17 July,it will be possible to pay our respect to the graves of the companion-brothers of Hazrat Inayat Khan in the cemetery 'Oud Eik en Duinen'; and also to visit the Sufi museum in the Banstraat.

Children are offered a two-day program of their own and there will be lots of singing for everyone.We also feature interesting lectures by members of our Sufi community, and there will be a dramatic presentation of Hazrat lnayat Khan's play 'Una' by Summer School participants. The Summer School will conclude with the Candle of Wish, a ceremony created by Hazrat lnayat Khan that acknowledges the inner longing of each one's heart.

The Summer School is open to members of the brother/sisterhood activity and mureeds. More details on the program and information about costs and registration are enclosed.We are happy to inform you that, due to a generous donation,it has been possible to maintain the significant reduction in Summer School prices that began last year.

As always,the program is subject to change without notice. Looking forward to seeing you there, with warm greetings - and a smile!

The Organizing Committee

If there is any visible sign of progress on the spiritual path it is seen in the refinement of the feeling heart and in the humility of the attitude which has become more dignified and uplifting,showing beauty as an example for all. Hidayat lnayat-Khan, Reflections II