Heart with Wings

Amir Smits

Symbology Activity Secretary
Recent Teachings

Lesson 1: Introduction Listen to Audio File (00:10:14)
What does the Zirat/Symbology Activity add on our Path of Attainment?

In the words of Hazrat Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan: That is not beauty, which is not veiled. In the veiling and unveiling of beauty is the purpose of life. Beauty is that which is always out of reach. You see it and you do not see it, you touch it and you cannot touch it. It is seen and yet veiled, it is known and yet unknown. And therefore words are often inadequate to express the beauty of Truth. Therefore symbolism is adopted by the wise.

Lesson 2: Earth Listen to Audio File (00:19:11)
How do we take away the negative impressions from our mind?

In the words of Hazrat Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan: So is it with the emotions: the light of intelligence makes them faded, and the lack of intelligence makes them deeply felt. With light, the influence of the earth element produces caution; the influence of water with light produces benevolence; the fire element with light produces ardor; the influence of air with light produces joy; and ether with light produces peace.

Lesson 3: Water Listen to Audio File (00:10:48)
Stages of Development, Transforming the Inner Environment through the Elements, and Awakening in Life.

Lesson 4: Fire Listen to Audio File (00:05:37)
The Fire Element is so important because it is in the Fire of Love that we transform. The Love for a teacher, the Love for the Divine Ideal, and finally the Love for God. The process of Alchemy – The Alchemy of Happiness. The Fire Element aids in the development of wisdom.

Lesson 5: Air Listen to Audio File (00:12:25)
Our soul is a spark of the Divine Light and longs for Beauty. Recognizing the Divinity all through life, and becoming servants of humanity.

In the words of Hazrat Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan: You become a highly evolved personality when the feelings of another can tell you much more than his words and actions can; and sometimes they can give you quite a different opinion of a person from what you would have had if you had only seen him and heard him speak. When one has arrived at this point, human evolution ends and divine evolution begins.

All the realizations of mystical truth and spiritual attainment, what one realizes is one thing, the only thing worth while, and that is to be of some little use to one's fellow-men.