Heart with Wings

The Symbology Activity

The reformer comes to plow the ground; the prophet comes to sow the seed; and the priest comes to reap the harvest. From the Bowl of Saki, February 21, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Symbology Activity is in pursuit of a deeper understanding of symbols in our daily life. This Activity is embodied in two ceremonies, Zirat and the Element Ritual.

"The wise have given lessons to the world in different forms suited to the evolution of the people at a particular time, and the first and most original form of education that the wise gave to the world was symbolical. This method of teaching has been valued in all ages, and will always have its importance. That is not beauty, which is not veiled. In the veiling and unveiling of beauty is the purpose of life. Beauty is that which is always out of reach. You see it and you do not see it. You touch it and you cannot touch it. It is seen and yet veiled; it is known and yet unknown. And therefore words are often inadequate to express the beauty of Truth. Therefore symbolism is adopted by the wise." Hazrat Inayat Khan