Heart with Wings

Universal Worship Activity

Ulma Moerenburg, Activity Secretary
Zubin van den Besselaar, Assistant Secretary

The Divine Spring

“Where is God to be found? Is He to be found in the seventh heaven or is He to be found in the heart of man? He is to be found in the heart of man, which is his shrine. The living thing in the heart is love. It may come forth as kindness, as friendship, as sympathy, as tolerance, as forgiveness, but in whatever form this living water rises from the heart, it proves the heart to be a Divine spring.” Hazrat Inayat Khan, The Unity of Religious Ideals

Let us listen in this Christmas time to our heart, to the Divine Spring. What does our heart tell us? Let us listen to the language of our heart and perhaps we discover the connection with our Source. Let us remember who we really are! Maybe we discover the connection we have with our fellow men and discover how to be of service to everyone we meet. We wish you and your dear ones a wonderful Christmas time. May Inner Peace, Harmony, Light and Love surround you now and in the New Year!